The global distribution and promotion of Thai cultural arts through modernized fashion and design.

JYI and its featured businesses are fair-trade entities. All companies are privately owned by the artisan,
making the producer of the product the business owner and profiter.

JAI YEN Imports was established as a provisionary outlet to promote a group of hand-selected Thai artisans and
fashion designers. Working together with a Northern local of Chiang Mai, we maintain personal investment into the
lives and businesses that we promote, and
handpick the featured products to ensure the authenticity of each piece.

Comprised of the rich, natural resources of these regions, JYI products retain a raw, earthen element,
reminiscent of the cultural arts of ancient living. The materials harvested for the creation of these products
range from the legendary teak, mango and coconut woods, hessian cloths, leathers, woven wicker, and the
world renowned Thai silk and cottons.

JYI, celebrates in being able to offer the beauty of their art to customers back at home, in Canada.  


Sojourn: a temporary stay
A Sojourning soul: a soul on a journey comprised of temporary experiences

We leave home to travel the world for various reasons.
Often we are seeking release from society, routine, and the
regularities of our lives. Also, there are the infinitely exotic tastes,
aromas, customs and cultures we wish to experience
within our finite lifetime. Fundamentally though, what unifies all
sojourning souls is the search to find pieces of ourselves
buried within the worldly wealth of all places on Earth.

Yearly, twenty-one million tourists scour the Land of Smiles, Thailand,
and the globetrotters have spoken. The authentic cultural
Thai styles and traditional fashions have been handpicked
and popularized by travelers alike to have become pieces of ourselves
we were searching for. Internationally there exists a globetrotter’s
community of away-from-home citizens that have unknowingly been
forming a new culture.  At Jai Yen Imports, our purpose is to
bring home and provisionally enable this new culture,
the culture of the sojourning-souls.

Jai Yen, directly translates from Thai to English as, cool heart.
Cool heartedness has become the core from which this new
culture thrives. We greet you as a fellow friend, or welcome
you as a fresh sojourning-soul to open your heart to the
culture of, Jai Yen.