featured - SHOPS

Our youngest featured artist is Bangkok based fashion designer Toon of Varuno Shop.

Nestled into one of the world’s largest (open-air) weekend markets, Chatuchak, you will find the Varuno Shop in a maze of 15,000 some stalls that serves as a shopping-labyrinth for 200,000 visitors daily. If you successfully navigate the 35 acres of open-market, then you may find yourself at the Varuno Shop trying to buy a few pairs of (‘Pea Yan’) pants (Translated to; low crotch pants – known simply as “Lo’ Cro’s”).

Lo’ Cro’s, hold no allegiance to any specific school-of-thought on fashion, the unorthodox chic patterns, designs and fabrics have evolved this style into a top contender in today’s world of fashion, remoulding the conceptualization of what is acceptable to be worn.

JAI YEN imports finishes its search in the North of Thailand, where the artisan community thrives in its fullest, in Chiang Mai. Significantly known for its handcrafted goods, Chiang Mai is also home to the Mairom Shop, our remaining feature artisan.

If you make your way off the beaten path, down a few side streets, paying attention not to miss it, you will arrive at Mairom. A family ran business, two sisters Kai and Kob, have partnered together to establish the most prominent Thai fashion design depot of its kind.

Re-establishing traditional styles as prominent modern clothing that are hand-cut and hand-stitched, but most impressively all pieces are hand-dyed and hand-pressed. This coloring method has come to be known as “Thai-Dye” impassively resurrecting the original 'tie-dye' style. In part of this technique the neon eccentric colors of the former method have been stripped away to leave an earthen toning that holds merit of modern art. Contrary to the psychedelic 1980's tie-dye that proudly boasted 'trippin-out', this reformed method subtly states 'grounded'ness’.

Not to forget artisan Nipa Piyaku of Chiang Mai –
Creator of the never-before-seen Teak Belt, comprised of raw teak slats of stained and natural finish,
hand-made and elegantly harnessed together into perfection.